"Life of Yes Travel:

Minimize Expense, Maximize Experience"

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Hosted by
Saya, Head Cheese-It

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April 6th
11:00 am CDT

Saya and Pete have traveled together, from Omaha to Oslo, since 2010. Taste-wise, she’s Four Seasons, he’s Motel 6; budget-wise, they’re somewhere in the middle. Light and frugal travel is their jam. Saya’s learned to pack everything in a carry-on, Pete’s learned that being pampered can be nice. Together they enjoy street-food, bike tours, and local recommendations you won’t find in guidebooks. They use their mutual love of spreadsheets and the latest apps to make on-the-road adventure a priority and an attainable reality.

This 60-minute webinar will help you travel within your budget. While other topics will be touched, the session is financially-focused. It includes philosophies and strategies, specific tips and tools, and Pete and Saya’s personal experiences. They're all about transparency and sharing their knowledge. Like how they spent 17 days in Italy on a trip that on paper cost $8500 but for which they paid $4500, and how they scored $24,000 First Class direct Chicago -> Tokyo tickets for $250.